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I have decided to name my first born girl Elizabeth. There are two amazing Elizabeths in my life and this is one of them. Both have imparted so much great energy and health in my life!

If you are feeling a bit off your chi, Elizabeth McDowell will cure you. She is confident with her needle placement, yet gentle, great at massage, and expert at Chinese cupping.I feel like I can really trust this woman, which is the most important thing!

The office is lovely and vibrant, with splashes of red decor.It is clean and personal, and there is also a nice selection of tea in the waiting room.Elizabeth plays relaxing music for you during your treatment, but I bet you could ask her to play some rock and roll and she would oblige.

Elizabeth really gives you a lot of attention, and her energy and dedication leave you feeling invigorated for your day!

A truly passionate woman who cares about her patients.

-Pomme R.

Just started going to Elizabeth and could not recommend her more! Everything about my visit was wonderful and calming, and the results are better than I could have hoped for (went in for back pains). I never did acupuncture until now but I was instantly hooked and I will absolutely go to Heaven Qi & Earth in the future.

– Abby L.

Elizabeth is wonderful! I originally came to Elizabeth for help with my weakened immune system from constant business travel. Over the last 8 months she has helped me with severe tension in my upper back and neck, stress, skin issues and overall wellbeing. Elizabeth is kind, knowledgeable and always makes me feel better. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Elizabeth and sing her praises to all my friends!

– Rodelander S.

I started seeing Elizabeth in February of 2012 because I had been trying to get pregnant for about 14 months with no success. After getting off birth control I had 3 regular periods, and then they stopped. I was not ovulating, not getting my period, and over all discouraged by my doctors at Kaiser who were pointing me in the direction of infertility treatments, which I wanted to avoid at all costs.

My first session with Elizabeth was February 14, 2012. March 13, 2012 I got my period without the use of medication for the first time in 11 months. May 3, 2012 I found out that I ovulated for the first time on my own without the use of medication, and today, May 8, 2012 I found out that I am pregnant!

I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to Elizabeth for everything that she has done for me and my family. Aside from helping me get pregnant, she has helped with my energy level, attitude, and overall health. She has been such a positive force through a very difficult and uncertain time in my life. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and provides great insight with each and every visit. I would give her the highest recommendation to anyone who is interested in acupuncture.

– Lindsey R.

I have been seeing Elizabeth for acupuncture treatment and herbs since last summer and consider myself a regular patient. Initially, I was panicked with the sudden onset of floaters in one eye coupled with severe allergies and a variety of other ailments that affected my sleep, energy, and mood. After my doctors advised me that I just had to adjust to it, I turned to acupuncture after reading positive reviews on yelp.

I had to invest time and money into the first three months of acupuncture treatment that included boiling herbs twice a day and generally sticking with it to get my health on track.

It was one of the wisest and best decisions I have ever made. Elizabeth cheered me on throughout with her positive energy, kindness, and gentle treatment. I wholeheartedly agree that she is a caring acupuncturist/herbalist, and I am so thrilled she is in my life and on my side.

I highly recommend Elizabeth if you suffer from a chronic or acute symptoms or simply want to be healthy. You will feel energized and renewed after each treatment. And, that includes having a healthier outlook on life, too!

– MLD. L

I don’t have any major conditions (just the occasional chi that could you a little balance here and there) which is good because I live 35 miles away in the East Bay and so I’d be investing quite a bit of time going bck and forth. Having said, if you have any sort of condition, it is well worth your time! Elizabeth is very methodical about getting information from you as to your condition, symptoms, etc. and she truly spends quite a bit of time with you.She is very knowledgeable and caring, accepts flexible spending accounts, the appts. are ever rushed, the place is very clean and serene and there’s even tea you can help yourself to if you have to wait (which I’ve never had to do).When people are passionate about what they do they are effective and that’s what I’ve found with Dr. Elizabeth Definitely my choice if I’m going to let someone stick little needles into me!

– Reese R.

Elizabeth McDowell saved my life.That is absolutely not an exaggeration. For YEARS I struggled with the sensation that there was a painful and irritating “lump” in my throat. I went to every western doctor imaginable; each had a different diagnosis…each more wrong than the doctor before. As soon as I walked in the Heaven, Qi and Earth door, Elizabeth knew right away what to do.After years of searching for someone to cure my pain, she correctly diagnosed it in one day and got rid of the pain in a month’s time. I have continued monthly, (if not weekly) visits to see her because she has cured everything from my annoying adult acne problem, to my stress induced insomnia. My cycles are on track, my anxiety attacks are non-existent, and I hardly ever get angry anymore. (Yes, her mastery works on psychology problems too!) I am so grateful to have her in my life, I don’t know what I’d do without her. Don’t fear the needles! She has a magical way of insertion that makes it all but noticeable. Do yourself a favor and go to meet Elizabeth. I’m serious. Call her RIGHT NOW.

– Stacy F.

Elizabeth is my hero!
I have been battling a sprained ankle since last February. I am an athlete and a personal trainer, who absolutely cannot stand to be inactive. After seeing two different doctors, doing 6 weeks of physical therapy, and living 4 lonely months without the Golden Gate Park under my running shoes I finally found the person who would relieve me of my pain!

I found Elizabeth on Citysearch & Yelp, read her website, and booked an appointment. She discovered some issues with my foot that none of the other medical professional noticed. Hmmm. Interesting.

After the health assessment and a treatment I wasn’t surprised that I did find some relief after my first session. By the third session I had no more numbness and tingling in and around my foot. Right now I have a little tenderness under my ankle, but it has only been 3 sessions. Things are looking up for my foot and I believe I will be running pain-free in the park soon!

Elizabeth is an altruistic expert with a stunning splash of personality. :o)

– Keely G.

I grew up in a family of biochemists, so you can imagine my skepticism when a couple friends enthusiastically recommended I try acupuncture. You really expect me to believe that a bunch of needles and some weird herbs can help me out?

Well, they not only did, but I’ve now jumped on the bandwagon with a brass band and a cheerleading squad. It helps that Elizabeth is so friendly, kind, and knowledgeable in the science and Eastern medicine. I’m super sensitive about needles, and I ask more questions during a visit than Yahoo! Answers gets in a day. Yet Elizabeth is always so patient while I squirm around and she also takes the time to explain everything thoroughly.

For instance, I used to have terrible acne. We’re talking baaad. I was even on Accutane 3 times and tried everything in the book to hold it at bay. What do you know- two months of acupuncture and herbs and I’m Proactive commercial material (as if they really expect us to believe P. Diddy uses that harsh stuff). Elizabeth has also done wonders for helping me with lower back pain and a chronic cough.

I highly recommend trying it out, but be forewarned- it will cost about the same as a nice massage when you include the herbs, so be ready for some saving up. I think it’s more than worth it, though, especially considering how clean and zen Elizabeth’s clinic is!


I recommended Elizabeth to two other reviewers on yelp…. She’s amazing, got rid of my back pain and skin irritations! I became a believer when my old officemate had severe ankle problems that went away not with debilitating sugery after surgery… but yet with Elizabeth’s gentle acupuncture method and herb treatment.

– Maggie O.

My ultimate goal is to feel centered and balanced in this crazy a$$ world.I’m on my way with Elizabeth’s help.She is amazing.I had my first acupuncture visit with her.I felt completely relaxed and centered when I left.Two days later, I am still feeling that way.I can’t wait to see her again.

– Melanie G.

Elizabeth is truly extraordinary. She fixed my back pain that would not go away with very aggressive drug and physical therapy treatments. Now she deals with keeping me in balance and she is just a professional. Clearly an expert in her field combined with a compassionate personality and a good sense of humor. The perfect healer

– David L.

Had some soreness/injuries from snowboarding this year, stopped into see this woman. Very helpful and seemed pretty genuine. Great find.

– Ken L.

Elizabeth is spot on in diagnosis and treatment. She has helped me through sore throats, digestive issues and back pain. I feel so much better taking care of myself in a natural and chemical free way. And I must say that the relief I’ve experience is greater than I’ve gotten from any western medicine doctor. I am so happy I found Elizabeth, and I highly recommend her!

–  Sifi

This is my one and only recommendation on Citysearch b/c I felt compelled to spread the hidden secret of Elizabeth’s talent at Heaven Qui and Earth. I am a retired Olympic athlete and have had resulting injuries from my competition days which I’ve learned to live with for years….until I met Elizabeth and went through treatment for my neck and lower back. She is very helpful in educating you on the different ways to treat your injuries/illness and let’s you make an “informed” decision on how you want to proceed. Her background and experience is comforting and her presence is calming for those who have never done acupuncture or other types of Eastern Medicine. You will not regret your choice to see her.

– Mark H.

I had never done acupuncture before, and was a little nervous. Elizabeth’s manner put me right at ease, and she was great about explaining what she was doing and what it meant. She impressed me with her breadth of knowledge, and understood that I was trying Chinese medicine along with the western kind. The herbs to presecribed tasted awful, but were effective. The whole experience was comforting, inviting and highly supportive. Elizabeth knows her stuff!

–  Sarah D.

Walking into Heaven Qi & Earth, it is uncertain if you have entered a medical office or an intimate spa but you discover why as you see the information on the esthetician that shares the waiting room. A selection of herbal teas are offered with a warm, cheerful greeting from Elizabeth McDowell who, true to her name, resembles a sorority girl more than the traditional vision of Eastern Healer. With a quick perusal of her pedigree, you quickly realize that you are definitely encountering the latter in the guise of the former. The diplomas in her spare and tidy office nearly wallpaper one section of the wall. Prompted by her observations of acupunture’s effectiveness in a close relative’s return to mobility from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis that Western doctors had all but given up on, the frames display degrees and certificates earned studying locally, in China, and for many years under the watchful guidance and apprenticeship of the most highly renowned practitioners of this ancient healing art. Elizabeth is sincere and genuine about helping her patients and brings to the practice a bedside manner that is generally nonexistent elsewhere in the field. Her friendly, easy-going yet professional manner immediately puts one at ease. Simple, straightforward questions about medical history are easy to answer and even delicate topics seem as easy to relate as yesterday’s weather. The spa ambience returns in the treatment room where aromatherapy is often incorporated into treatments as soothing music softly plays. At the end of the session, after booking the next appointment and receiving instructions to pick up a herbal prescription, a warm goodbye punctuates the end of the visit. This acupuncture treatment is a world away from the brusque, standoffish bedside manner and broken English usually encountered elsewhere. What a welcome change. This is the future of acupuncture and it is here now, at Heaven Qi & Earth.

– Christine H.

Elizabeth is fantastic. Very attentive, caring, and professional. She effectively treated my recurring nasty cold and strengthened my lungs and immune system (no more colds or asthma!). Best of all she listens. I’d highly recommend her. She’s wonderful.

– Sasha Z.

Since visiting Ms. McDowell I have got my health back on track. So many doctors were telling me really different things so I was very confused and worried. I was amazed by how much Ms McDowell calmed me down and set me on the road to recovery. I would highly recommend visiting Heaven Qi & Earth.

– Zaza

I was reluctant to have acupuncture, but I finally chose Elizabeth more as a favor to a friend…maybe she could help my back pains?? After three visits with acupuncture my back felt better and we are now working on some of my other problems She used her knowledge of Asian medicine and Western medicine to create a solution for me. She is professional, well educated and knows what she is doing. Thank you Elizabeth!

– D. Zorro

Elizabeth has a wonderful establishment and is completely qualified, was pleasantly surprised to find she studied in China. It feels like a spa day every time I go in, you walk out feeling wonderful. It is without a doubt a great experience. Her location is great..near the heart of the Marina..what more could you want!

– Anonymous

I had a problem with muscle aches and chronic fatigue. At first I was a bit skeptical to Eastern medicine but I was surprised how quickly Elizabeth was able to ease these symptoms through acupuncture and herbs. She was also able to dictate certain lifestyle changes that would assist in these issues. Since I have begun treatment, I have felt healthier and more active. Her space is charming and you are always greeted with a smile. I highly recommend her treatments to everyone.

– Anonymous

I came to Elizabeth with a problem that no Western medical doctor could quite figure out. Elizabeth listened so patiently and intently and soon found ways to soothe the pain I was experiencing. Elizabeth is not just an outstanding doctor, but person as well. Her calm and personable manner, makes opening up and talking to her about any physical, emotional and/or mental issues, easy and safe. She respects all her patients and she works holistically with all her clients to achieve their maximum wellness.

–  Susie B.

Wow. Talk about a cure-all! Elizabeth McDowell really knows her stuff, inside and out — literally. Western born, Eastern trained, she brings the best of both worlds together in her successful efforts to bring me into balanced, optimum health. Knowledgeable, thoughtful, kind and thorough, Elizabeth is a consummate pro with a great “bedside manner”. Her treatment rooms are comfortable and peaceful, and there’s always parking at her very conveniently located office.

– Anonymous

A very pleasant atmosphere for acupuncture. Elizabeth is capable and understanding, prepared to explain for the novice and to discuss with the experienced. I recently sought her help with a coughing virus which was out of control after two courses of antibiotics, she prescribed medication which was entirely effective, much to my surprise.

– Terry O.

Dr McDowell solved my back pain in 1 session…… Amazing results. I highly recommend her for treatments.

– Simon L.

Loved what Elizabeth did for my body. I have some chronic issues with muscle pain and I felt like a new person when I left. She has a great space with lots of street

– Sarah G.

I really don’t know where I’d be without Elizabeth. I’d just about given up hope of ever regaining my health when we began working together.  As a psychiatric survivor, I endured three long years of drug trials. The drugs caused a thyroid condition I thought I’d have to live with the rest of my life. Not to mention the anger.

Elizabeth gave me hope. She really took the time to listen to what I had to say and get to know me personally. She treated me with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nurturing and a lot of love. As a direct result of her excellent care, I’m thrilled to say my lab work is now all normal- even mid range, and my goiter is still shrinking. Dr. Becker, my endo and one of the top in the country, was surprised by my recovery and called it   “rare” . However, in China, 45% of thyroid conditions are cured. Elizabeth studied in China and knows all about curing the thyroid. I was only in treatment with Elizabeth for four months when my total healing came about and I just feel so blessed having met her. But that’s not all.

Though I had sworn off all my psychiatric drugs when I discovered the goiter, I was still psychologically dependant on sleeping pills and the occasional Ativan when I got too stressed out. Elizabeth gently encouraged me to get off all the drugs. She told me many times I could make it without them. Her gentle prodding and confidence in me gradually had a positive effect. I began to believe her and promised I would try to sleep one night without them. Within a month of trying, I was off all the drugs. I never dreamed I would be drug free!  Elizabeth always tells me I’m much stronger than I think I am. She’s right about that. But that’s not all.

Now that I’m off all drugs, I’m more attuned to my body.  Elizabeth will continue to help me with each health challenge, and address the underlying cause – treating not just the symptoms, but the source of the problem. She’s taught me my body wants to heal itself and I have faith it will. I highly recommend Elizabeth. Being drug free and healthy again is really a dream come true for me. My only regret is that I didn’t start seeing her sooner.

-Rebecca Sydnor

I had severe shoulder pain for 9 months. It was to the point where I didn’t have a full nights sleep that entire time. I was diagnosed with tendonitis. I walked by Elizabeth’s office daily and finally called to schedule appointment thinking, “it can’t hurt.” After our first meeting, she had me do some tests to show her my range of movement, which wasn’t much. She also diagnosed me with bursitis. We had our first session and I woke up the next morning realizing that I had slept the whole night; then I did a stretch and noticed about 20% improvement. I was thrilled. Each session I gained about 15% movement back. Now I am able to do regular yoga practice with weight bearing poses on my shoulders and I feel full again. Thank you Elizabeth, I am LUCKY to have found you!!!

-Kristen Nickl

Elizabeth McDowell of Heaven Qi & Earth is fantastic.  She is very knowledge, compassionate, caring and supportive.  She is treating me with acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese herbs.  All of which are working together to balance my Qi.  Elizabeth also recommends books and information for you to educate yourself and learn how to support your body during and after treatments.  Her focus is to balance and maintain your optimum health.  I am pleased with the treatments and my progress.  Thanks, Elizabeth.

-Patricia Luzi

Elizabeth was amazing!  I came in with severe neck and back problems on the right side of my body.  I have had these problems for years and acupuncture was a last resort kind of thing before I came to grips with having to deal with the pain for the rest of my life.  After just one treatment the tension and pain lifted, I continued on for several more treatments and it continued to help lift pain and tension from my back.  I knew I had finally found a cure and wouldn’t have to live with the pain anymore.  Elizabeth’s sweet and patient nature mixed well with my constant questions.  She was very informative and detailed in her descriptions when answering questions.  I would recommend it to anyone that has issues with their neck or back or any part if the body for that matter.

-Jill Klingensmith


I am so pleased to tell you that my knee pain was mostly GONE!  I tested my knees in a dance rehearsal last night.  I, truly, did not know if I would be able to dance.  After yesterday’s treatment, I was good to go!  It’s quite amazing. I have recommended Heaven Qi and Earth to my family and friends!

-Lora Dinga

I’ve had a shoulder problem for over a year, a torn rotator cuff I believe. I had two acupuncture sessions with Elizabeth at Heaven Qi and Earth and lo and behold, the pain eased a great deal. I fully recommend Heaven Qi and Earth for Elizabeth’s excellent work, her professional, kind manner and the relaxing ambience of the clinic.

-Chris Orr.

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