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Elizabeth McDowellElizabeth Stephens, L.Ac., M.S.

Elizabeth  Stephens, L.Ac. is a California State Board and NCCAOM certified Chinese Medicine Practitioner.  Elizabeth began her career in Chinese Medicine after seeing a loved one recover from Rheumatoid Arthritis with the aid of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a painful and degenerative autoimmune syndrome which Western Medicine has no other option to treat except for steroids, immune suppressants and surgery.  R.A. is extremely painful and the side effects from medications are very hard to live with.  Elizabeth witnessed an impressive recovery with the aid of Chinese Medicine: within 6-months her loved one’s RA levels shot down, and a year later her disease was put into remission.  This inspired Elizabeth, who was in the process of pursuing Western Medicine for her career, to take a good look at what Chinese Medicine has to offer.  She found her passion.

Elizabeth’s strong background in both Chinese and Western Medicine has helped her to become an exceptionally well rounded practitioner, and a strong promoter of integrative medicine.  She has been greatly influenced by the teachings of a successful 14th generation herbalist qualified in both Western and Chinese Medicines, with whom she studied for 6-years. In 2004 after Elizabeth graduated at the top of her class from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, she went to the home town of her teacher where she studied under some of the top integrative medicine doctors in Shanghai.  For 9-months, she spent 960 clinic hours in the state of the art Shu Guang Hospital, focusing on Gastro-Intestinal Disease, Cardiology, Gynecology, Oncology, and Acupuncture. Elizabeth also completed a year’s internship at California Pacific Medical Center treating stroke patients with acupuncture at the Davies Campus and is currently the alternative medicine specialist and partner of SavantMD (  Elizabeth is a Bay Area native and athlete who dove competitively for U.C. Berkeley and U.S. Diving from 1981 to 1994.  She still loves being active and is very dedicated to her loving immediate and extended families. Elizabeth values staying active in mind and body, nutrition, travel and cultural experience, community, and loves music.

Elizabeth’s Credentials:

Education and Certificates

  • Certificate of Completion: 960 clinic hours at Shu Guang Hospital affiliated with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2005).
  • American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, MS, TCM (2004).
  • California State License in TCM., L.Ac. (2004).
  • Diplomat in Acupuncture by NCCAOM (2004).
  • Certified Massage Therapist, CMT (2004).
  • Clean Needle Technique, CNT (2002).
  • CPR Safety Training (2006).
  • University of California Berkeley, BA Psychology (1994).

Medical Clinic Experience

  • Private practice Heaven Qi & Earth since 2006.
  • Clinic Intern at Shu Guang Hospital, Shanghai, China (February 2005-October 2005)
  • Clinic Intern at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Community Clinic for 3-years (2001-2004).
  • Clinic Intern at California Pacific Medical Center Stroke Clinic (January–March 2003 and October-December 2003).
  • Tui Na Clinic Intern at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2004)
  • Volunteer for Community Ear Clinic at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2001-2004).
  • Volunteer for Community HIV+ clinic at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2001-2004).
  • Apprenticeship with Ping Qi Kang, CMD, LAc., from 2000-2004



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